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Kiwi Skunk CBD E-LIQUID in Ireland

CBD Club Ireland brings you always A Grade CBD VApe juices and E-liquids for e-cigarettes and vaporizes. 

Kiwi Skunk CBD E-liquid is produced on the base of cannabis flavored with very nice fruity cannabis taste entriched with tones not too sweet fruits. Kiwi Skunk is recommended for some one , who does not like to vape classic earthy flavor of Hemp. 

CBD Content:
Producer: Harmony
Warranty: 24 months
Code: Harmony CBD
Availability: in stock +22

Kiwi Skunk - Harmony CBD


Our original trusted Harmony Kiwi Skunk is CBD Vape juice with fruitest Cannabis Flavor e-liquid.  Cannabis CBD Kiwi Skunk e-liquid is enriched with Original Eu grow CBD goodness. 

Kiwi Skunk is one of the nicest traditional Cannabis E-liquid for vaping in Ireland. Harmony CBD vape producer try to produced their Kiwi Skunk CBD e-liquids as close as possible to orginal floral version. 

Kiwi Skunk is the  best selling Cannabis flavoured CBD E-liquid in Ireland.

Harmony CBD liquids are famous for their perfect ballance of flavor and vaping experience. 

Kiwi Skunk ejuice is very nice fruity and hempy so get ready your taste buds for very close Cannabis vaping experience with a goodness of CBD. 

Kiwi Skunk CBD E-liquid are famous for their herby aroma of this CBD are 100% and we offer it in various levels of CBD strentgths. 

Harmony CBD is extracted from EU based hemp farms and it does not content THC(found in regular cannabis), Kiwi Skunk Harmony CBD vape juice has no psychotropic or hallucinogenic effects.

The Harmony CBD Vape brand was created by a team of people trusting into a  hemp health effects from all over the world

Harmony is not buying their cheap Chinease CBD, but they manage the full production cycle of CBD vape liquids within EU. 

HARMONY Kiwi Skunk CBD E-Liquid Features:

10ml CBD Vape e-liquid
PG/VG : 80/20 - For better absorvation of CBD, Harmony used PG based e-liquids.
THC & Nicotine Free - Harmony CBD E-liquids are 100% THC and Nicotine free
No alcohol or animal extracts - Harmony CBD vape liquids does not contain Alcohol or animal Extracts. 
USP / food grade ingredients - To meet the highest standard and best CBD vape e-liquid quality, all ingredients Harmony use are USP grade. 
Tamper-proof and childproof bottle - As per TPT regulation in Ireland, all our CBD vape juices are coming in childproof bottle. 
Diacetyl free and quality controlled - Quality you can trust, is know how of Harmony CBD oils. Everything is well controlled and tested, to ensure you are buying 100% legal vape juice. 

How to use and vape the Kiwi Skunk Harmony e liquid?

The EXODUS CHEESE vape liquid produced by Harmony is dedicated to use in basic electronic cigarette. We would recommend Aspire Pockex vape kit.  The resistance used for the consumption of CBD must be greater than or equal to 1.0 ohm and power range between 5W to maximum 20W

Ingredients of Kiwi Skunk CBD Vape e-liquids

CBD extract, PG/VG, Flavouring


Please do not forget to choose CBD strenghts of your CBD E-liquid