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HEMP OIL Ireland 250ML

Price 7.50
Availability: in stock
Warranty: 24 months

Hemp oil

Hemp oils have many benefits.  This superfood - oils from pressed hemp seeds have a beneficial impact on your cholesterol levels. They also contain  a good amount of vitamin K which is responsible for proper blood coagulation, prevents bursting of blood vessels, speeds up healing of wounds. Our OIls also include chlorophyll which naturally occurs in the seeds and has an anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

Other benefits of hemp oils

The composition of the hemp oil is chemically very similar to the protective fat secreted by the human skin, hence it is a very valued dietary supplement, which is being more and more frequently used by the cosmetic industry.

The psychoactive substances only appear in the inflorescence, leaves and stalks of the hemp, therefore the oil pressed from the seeds is free of these substances. It has a slightly walnut taste with a spicy aftertaste. It is green and transparent, with possible sediment and is sold in dark glass bottle. Owing to high content of omega acids it requires storage in the refrigerator.

To be used cold. For medical purposes use one spoon per day.

Capacity: 250 ML